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2 Movies To Watch When You Just Need A Freaking Laugh

Have you been having a bad day? Did your friend just Break Your Heart? Do you need some time out? On a day when life is not going as well as planned, and it is extra hard, it is best to seek sanctuary from comedy movies. The prime way to lift your mood and have a great laugh is to sit with a bucket of ice cream and watch Telugu comedy online movies. Watching Telugu comedy movies on days, you are not feeling as bright is going to be the best decision you take.

Watch thargathigadhidaati, srkalyanamandapam Few of the movies that will instantly help you lift your mood and get you rolling off your couch. These movies will make sure that you have a great laugh by the end of the movie. Find all of these excellently crafted movies on the popular and trending streaming platform Aha.

Along with these, you can also find several other trending and popular movies belonging from different genres on the platform Aha. So if you are feeling under the weather and you need a great laugh, jump right on to the Aha platform to watch all of these movies.

  • The plot of thargathigadhidaati

This excellent Telugu series thargathigadhidaati, has been directed by Mallik Ram. Famous Tollywood personalities who are being featured in the series are Harshith Reddy, PayalRadhakrishna, and Nikhil Devadula.

The story line of the series thargathigadhidaati features a bright student Kittu who is quite interested in cooking. He experiences new faces of life after he meets Jasmine and eventually falls in love with her. However, as the plot progresses, we notice that a faithful event takes place, and this intern changes the course of their relationship. Watch the series to learn what incident takes place and how these two teenagers get themselves out of this situation. 

The casting of the series has been quite on point as they present the true emotions of the character very carefully. Particular series also presents the background of a teenage Romance that is set in a rural background and for the presence of fresh appeal. The dialogues that are presented in the movie are quite witty and quirky. There are several comic scenes carefully presented throughout the plot of the movie.

The major point of corn Flake that is noticed in the movie is between the lead pair. The narration that has been done in this particular series has been greatly done. 

  • The plot of srkalyanamandapam

The movie srkalyanamandapam has been directed by The talented Sridhar Gade. Famous Tollywood personalities who are being featured in the movie are KiranAbbavaram and PriyankaJawalkar.

The story line of the movie srkalyanamandapam features Dharma, who runs the SR KalyanaMandapam. Any wedding that takes place in that particular area has the reputation of being hosted in that particular function hall. However, as days progress, it has been noticed that Dharma is not able to perform as efficiently as he should. Therefore due to several reasons, the functions hall situation gets out of hand. Dharma sankalyan falls in love with his fellow student Sindhu in college.

Amongst everything that is happening, Kalyan decides to organize a family event and host it in the function hall that has become a prestigious part of his family. Watch the movie to learn about the actual story of SR KalyanaMandapam. The movie deals with several questions, such as why did Dharma fail to officially run the Mandapam. You will find this exciting and thrilling movie to watch exclusively on the OTT platform Aha. Watch this movie to witness how the SR KalyanaMandapam gains its glory back.

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